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Shut-off for F2D-Combat
By Henning Forbech - Last update:25/11 2017

News - Shut-off systems - The 2007 shut-off project - Research and Development
Rules - Debate - Background and History - Edition notice - Translation to Russian



Last update: 25/11 2017

New shut-off by Igor Mazurin New !
Swing arm with neodymium magnets New !
Kill Valve shut-off from Russia New !
New shut-off from Irkutsk New !

Pilot activated shut-off systems

New shut-off from Yuvenko
Whillance RC Shut-off
Kalmykov Shut-off
Roy Glenn Kill Valve
Four shut-off generations in 2009
Electronic system from Ukraine
Daiper shut-off
Info from EC-2009
Igor Trifonov shut-off
Electromechanical shut-off by Anders Kudsk
Göran Olson's eShut-off
Dreiländerpokal 2009
Bubble shut-off
Bob Mears shut-off
Shut-off with delay
Bitterfeld 2009
Forbech swing-arm shut-off
Bjerager shut-off
ViKo shut-off system
Forbech 2009 system
Belarusian shut-off
eShut-off - first series almost ready
eShut-off from Alex, news from Mark Rudner
Shut-off systems at the competition in Phoenix
Shut-off by Jacco de Ridder
Shut-off by Johan Schwarz
Shut-off by Vasily Yuvenko


Fact Finding Mission
Control Line Calculator


Last update: 21/7 2010

Shut-off Systems:

Shut-off from

Shut-off by Igor Mazurin
Last update: 25/11 2017

3D printed swing arm with magnets

Shut-off by Alexei Verstunin
Last update: 25/11 2017

Kill Valve shut-off from Russia

Shut-off by Ryl Sergey
Last update: 25/11 2017

Shut-off from Irkutsk

Shut-off by Aleksandr Kretov
Last update: 22/5 2016

Whillance RC Shut-off

Shut-off by Mike Whillance
Last update: 26/6 2010

Kalmykov Shut-off

Shut-off by Aleksandr Kalmykov, Cyclon
Last update: 4/7 2010

Roy Glenn Kill Valve

Shut-off by Roy Glenn
Last update: 24/1 2010

Four shut-off generations in 2009

By Henning Forbech
Last update: 1/1 2010

Electronic system from Ukraine

Ukraine shut-off
Last update: 1/1 2010

Daiper shut-off

Shut-off by Henning Forbech
Last update: 18/9 2009

Igor Trifonov shut-off

Shut-off by Igor Trifonov
Last update: 22/6 2009

Electromechanical shut-off

Moving bellcranck shut-off with micro swich, solonoide valve and electronic control by Anders Kudsk
Last update: 8/6 2009

Göran Olson's eShut-off

Electronic shut-off with accelerometer
Last update: 15/7 2009

Dreiländerpokal 2009

3 World Cup Competitions in a row
Last update: 22/6 2009

Bubble shut-off

Fuel bladder as shut-off
Last update: 23/5 2009

Bob Mears shut-off

Shut-off based on parts from Formost
Last update: 23/5 2009

Shut-off with delay

Moving bellcrank shut-off with delay.
Ready for the "Hard Core Rules"
Last update: 26/5 2009

Bitterfeld 2009

World Cup Competition. Germany
Last update: 18/5 2009

Forbech swing-arm

Forbech. Simple swing-arm shut-off
Last update: 13/4 2009

ViKo shut-off

ViKo Models. Moving bellcranck with mini swing-arm activation
Last update: 13/4 2009

Bjerager system

Ole Bjerager design. Moving bellcranck with mini swing-arm activation
Last update: 13/4 2009

Forbech 2009 design

Forbech. Moving bellcranck with mini swing-arm activation
Last update: 13/4 2009

Belarusian shut-off

Belarusian design modified by Adriano Molteni
Last update: 30/3 2009

Dutch shut-off

Dutch Shut-off system by Jacco de Ridder
Last update: 9/3 2009

German shut-off

German Shut-off system by Johan Schwarz
Last update: 9/3 2009

Yuvenko shut-off

Shut-off system by Vasyl Yuvenko
Last update: 18/5 2009

Italian shut-off systems

More Italian shut-off systems from Antonello Cantatore
Last update: 25/2 2009

American shut-off system

Fast Combat shut-off by Bill Maywald
Last update: 25/2 2009

Spanish shut-off system 1/3

String-inside-the-wing shut-off by Francisco Mons
Last update: 22/5 2016

Spanish shut-off system 2/3

Swing-arm shut-off by Mario Rioja
Last update: 16/2 2009

Spanish Italian shut-off system 3/3

Swing-arm shut-off by Andrea Pachetti
Last update: 23/2 2009

New Czech shut-off system

Photos and videos at Combat team Valasské Mezirícírí
Description in Czech language!
Last update: 14/2 2009

Electronic shut-off system

By Alex Prokofiev and Mike Willcox(Blog)
Visit the new homepage, see the video
- and place your order now!
Last update: 30/3 2009

Shut-off by Pete Athans

Simple string-over-the-wing Shut-Off by Pete Athans
Last update: 30/1 2009

Shut-off by Rafael Unruh

Moving Bellcranck Shut-Off by Rafael Unruh
Last update: 20/1 2009

Italian Shut-off

Italian Shut-Off by Ettore Mancini
Last update: 22/3 2010

World Championship, France 2008

See all the big shut-off news from France 2008
Last update: 15/10 2008

Czech shut-off system

A Czech shut-off system developed by Pavel Snoza
Update: 1/3 2009

  Combatteam Valasské Mezirícírí

Research and Development:

Fact Finding Mission

How to find the right shut-off line tension
Last update: 18/9 2009

R&D News

Latest news from Research and Development
Last update: 2/11 2008

Valves with no moving parts!

Three wild idea's for a super robust electrical valve with no moving parts:

Future developments

The ideal shut-off system
- and how combat may benefit from shut-off systems.

  top secret

The 2007 shut-off project:

First experience with shut-off:

First experience with a simple shut-off system.
See the images and video clips from the 2006 test

Interactive 3D CAD-model

An interactive 3D model of the shutoff system is now available for download.
Explore the system in 3D and see all the details.
Screenshots from the interactive 3D model

  CAD shutoff
Manufaturing shut-offs

Making a series of shut-offs

Building the shut-off into a model

How to rebuild a ready-to-fly model with the shut-off system

Flight test

Test flights and the final "let-go-off-the-handle" test!

  Let go of the handel
Technical specifications

Line tension, weight, problems, etc.

  Technical specifications
Shut-off in action

Experience from 6 World Cup competitions in 2007


Conclusion on the 2007 shut-off project

  Dreilander Pokal


2009 Rules for shut-off systems

Read about the consequence of the new rules
Last update: 9/12 2008:
Official rule clarification



Debate on the internet

Links to more information and the debate on the Internet
Small update 1/3 2009 (links to shut-off info)


Back ground and History:

Early proposals for shut-off rules:

Dr Laird Jackson´s proposal for the CIAM meeting in Lausanne, 22-24 March 2007. (doc, pdf)
An alternative proposal (doc, pdf) and few
comments (pdf) by Henning Forbech.

  CIAM logo
Risk and risk analysis:

Risk and risk analysis
Risk Telescoping - Can combat be risk free?
Shut-off in all F2-clases? - Is Stunt dangerous?

  Risk analysis

Edition notice:

Send me a file - My status

Translation to russian: By Snejin Volody (pdf/doc) - Google Translate

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