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F2D-Combat Rules
By Henning Forbech - Last update: 26/4 - 2018

2015 Combat rules:

F2D Rules 2015 (no change from 2014)
F2D Judges Guide 2015 (small change)

World Cup Rules 2015 (no change from 2014)

HTML version with links between
the Rules and the Judges Guide:
F2D Rules 2018 and Judges Guide 2018
HTML code by André Bertelsen

FAI Sporting Code:
Section 4 - Aeromodelling
2015 Edition, Effective 1st January 2015

Volume F2 Control Line Model Aircraft:
Rules for all classes
Technical Regulations for Control Line Contests
World Cup Rules
Organizers' Guide
F2C Noise Reduction Plan
Download: Volume F2, all clases 2017 (New!)

General Section
Principles and authority of FAI
Classifications and definitions
Sporting events
Control of sporting events
Complains, penalties, disqualifications, protests
World records
Measurement requirements
FAI licenses
Appeals to the FAI
Download: CIAM General Rules (2017) (New!)
Download: General Section (2014)
Download: General Section (2016)

Volume ABR
Section 4A - CIAM internal regulations
Section 4B - General rules for international contests
Section 4C - General regulations and rules for contests and records
Download: Volume ABR 2015

FAI Constitution
FAI STATUTES and FAI BY-LAWS combined make up the FAI Constitution
Download: Statutes-2014 and ByLaws-2014
Code of Ethics (Version 1.0 - 2003)
International Jury Members Handbook 2013
FAI Anthem (short version, 37 sek. MP3)

EDIC - Electronic Devices in Competition 2015

All documents can be downloaded from: FAI or CIAM

  FAI License number and FAI ID

Proposals for rule changes: (old!)
There are some proposals for the CIAM meeting in Lausanne (24-25 april 2015) that may effect F2D-Combat
Documents for the CIAM Meetings
Agenda for the Plenar Meeting (pdf)
Page 37-38: F2D rules
Page 19-20: Protest fee and nose radius

Update 29/4 2015:
All F2D proposals was adoptet at the CIAM meeting and is valid from 1st of May this year.
The rule with a min nose radius of 5 mm is no longer valid for CL.

Guidance of how to apply the 2013 F2D Combat Rule:
Official document from the F2D Work Group and F2 Subcommittee Chairman
Download the pdf here: Guidance F2D Combat Rule 4.4.9.o
Text in English and Russian

Loser Fly-Off
An idea on how to make Combat competitions more interesting:
    Loser Fly-Off
This rule was used first time at the Danish World Cup 2013

Electro Combat:
Rules proposal for Electro Combat (pdf)
Electro Combat info: Control Line Team and

General CL Model Flying:
Problems with "Fly by Wire" and a informal draft proposal for a new definition of "Control Line Model Flying"
A introduction to the problems with "fly by wire"

Combat rules for Smartphones:
2011 version

F2D Rules and Judges Guide (html)

In this section you will find documents and information concerning noise reduction and rule changes

2010 Gyula Combat Seminar:
Video from the seminar on Noise Reduction in Hungary, 2010

Documents for debate:
Some thought on how combat noise can be reduced in the future:
Noise reduction in F2D combat Beta version! Sorry for the spelling!

2009 Belgrade Combat Seminar:
At the European Championship in Belgrade there was seminar on rules, rule changes, noise restrictions and other matters.
Here is some of the ideas that was published for the 2009 Belgrade Combat Seminar:
    Noise reduction by shut-off
    Wild ideas for new F2D rules

CIAM, new rules and noise reduction:
CIAM and rule changes
CIAM and noise reduction
A mix of English and Russian. From the FAS forum
  Background information on the 2011 rules:
The introduction to the the 2011 proposal by Ingemar Larsson
Two comments in Russian.
25/11 and 2/12 from Russia Model Airplane Sports Forum

Tech info for the 2011 rule changes:
Info and background on the safety wire rule.
How to change a muffler from 8 to 6 mm outlet.
How to use the shut-off to stop the engine at will

Debate on the proposals for 2011 rules:
Combat-l - CL combat Yahoo Groups
Russia Model Airplane Sports Forum (Google translate)
Barton Model Flying Club

Noise reduction 2008:
France Suggestions for rule changes after WC-2008

Half life for a tie:
An idea for reducing the number of reflights was published on Barton Forum and Yahoo Combat group
Response by Henning Forbech: Half life for a tie, xls

In this section you will find old documents and information that is not currant any more

Alternative documents:

The 2013 F2D rules are here available in Russian:
Official translation to Russian (pdf)
Rules for F2D in Russian (pdf)

A German version of the 2009 combat rules can be found here

A Russian version of the 2009 rules.

F2E Rules (DieselCombat, 2013)

Old versions of F2D rules:
F2D Rules - F2D Judges Guide 2014
F2D Rules - Judges Guide 2013
F2D Rules - Judges Guide 2012
F2D Rules - Judges Guide 2011
F2D Rules 2010
F2D Rules 2009

Old HTML versions of the rules:
F2D Rules 2011 and Judges Guide 2011


From 2011 all clarifications are obsolete !

All information is now in the Judges Guide
This is only a collection of clarification from the past years.

WC 2009 Clarification, Belgrade
Shut-Off Clarification 2009
    - Comments to the shut-off rules

WC 2008 Clarification, France
    - Comments to the Venturi, Muffler and Safety Wire rules.
    - Solutions to the Venturi, Muffler or Safety Wire problems.
Barton 2008 World Cup

EC 2007 Clarification, Serbia

WC 2006 Clarification, Spain
WC 2006 Bulletin #2

EC 2005 Clarification, Hungary


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