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Shut-off for F2D-Combat
"Engine stop device"
How to stop the engine at the pilots will
First published: 5/12 2009
Last update: 2/4 2010

In the proposal for the new rules you will find that the pilot must stop his engine right after the combat has finished.

4.4.9 o):
      The pilots must stop their motors
      and land after the heat is terminated.

Here are some ways to stop the engine:

    Moving Bellcrank
    Diaper shut-off
    Shotgun shut-off




The electronic shut-off can be used to stop the engine when the pilot wants it.

Peter Brokans used the eShut-off from Alex Prokofiev at the European Championship in Serbia. He was able to stop his engine right after the combat match.

You can see Peter useing the system at the end of this match with Igor Trifonov.


Models with shut-off systems based on the "string-over-the-wing" principle can use the shut-off to stop the engine. By making the "bar" a little longer than the bellcrank the shut-off will get an extra function.

If all forces from the model is hanging on one line and there is no tension on the other line, the bellcrank will turn to its most extreme position. Since the bar is longer than the bellcrank the bar can turn even more. This will let the shut-off have just enough extra string to stop the engine.

Look for the movement of the "bar"

All normal movement by the handle will not stop the engine. Only when the pilot pulls a single line by hand the bar will move enough to release the shut-off.

This bar system will also stop the engine if one line breaks during a flight.

In the video here the pilot pulls the up line to stop the engine.

More info on the test.

Test flight 6/9 2008

Moving Bellcrank shut-off:

A moving bellcrank shut-off can be used to stop the engine the same way as a string-over-the-wing system.

An extra wire from the leadout wire to the base of the shut-off must be adjusted in length just so that it allows the normal bellcrank movement.

If all line tension is put on one line the bellcrank try to move to an extreme position but the extra wire will not allow this.

The tension from the line now passes from the leadout wire via the extra wire to the base plate.

This releases the tension on the shut-off and the engine stops.

On this test model the extra wire is connects between the up line with the base plate with a piece of piano wire.

Test flight 29/3 2009

Daiper shut-off:

A simple and low tech way to stop the engine: Let the model hit a piece of cloth.

Follow the experiment with the Diaper shut-off.

I can NOT recommend this concept as a way to stop your engine!

Test flight 17/7 2009

Shotgun shut-off:
First live test:

One diesel model versus a 6 man firing squad with 100 cartridges.
And the winner is.....

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