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Unique identification number for pilots
First published: 5/5 2015 - Last update: 8/12 2015 - By Henning Forbech

Identification number for all FAI pilots:

OBS: Update with new FAI Licens number: More info here

FAI is now introducing a database with a list of all pilots redistricted with a valid license.
Pilots will get a unique identification number to make it easy for organizers to find and check licenses..
In the future it will also to use the ID-number for registration at competitions, writing protests, etc.
The ID-number will probably follow each pilot in the coming years but this cannot be conformed at the time.
The ID-number will also solve the problem with spelling names of pilots. It will be possible to get the pilots official name from the database.

Beta version:
The database is open now for all users but the information in the database is not completely up to date yet. At the moment the database is being built and debugged. The database is far from complete at the moment.
Not all pilots have been registered in the database even if they have a legal license for 2015. Some pilots have been registered more than one time and have got two or even tree different id-numbers!
The currant database can NOT be used to validate pilots for this year!

If your name is not found in the database it does not indicate that there is a problem with your license. The database is not complete yet and at the moment a lot of mistakes and other failures can be found.

The classic paper license will be valid for competitions in 2015

Test the database:
It is easy to check the database. Lock on to the FAI homepage and follow these five steps:
Link to: FAI Sporting Licences Validity Check
  The classic paper license will be
replaced by a ID-number in the futur

An example of a competition entry
list with the new ID-number
can be found here:
Danish World Cup 2015

This is probably first time
the ID-number numbers will
be used in a F2D competition


New FAI License number:

It seem that FAI is now operating with a new system of license numbers.
For decades we have been using FAI license numbers based on national standards
This spring FAI started to identify pilots by a new FAI id number and now FAI is introducing a new FAI license numbers for all pilots

Here is an example:
My name is Henning Forbech
From the "Kongelig Dansk Aeroklub" (KDA) I got the license number "1547"
KDA is the National Air Sport Control (NAC) in Denmark
The International Olympic Committees national identification mark for Denmark is: "DEN"
For years my FAI license number have been: "DEN-1547"

This spring I got my new "FAI ID" number: 17187
Now I have also got a new "FAI License" number: 103763

I must now mark my models with "DEN-103763"
At the moment it is not clear if this new number is permanent or if it will be renewed every year!

Here is my data:
    Name: Henning Forbech
    NAC Licence No: 1547
    FAI ID No: 17187
    FAI Licence No: 103763

Find your new license number:

As described abowe you can find your FAI id number at the FAI Sporting Licences Validity Check
You will need an access code to search the database!
You can obtain an access code from

In the database you can find your FAI id number
You will need this number to look up your new FAI License number
Go to
In the address line you must replace "17187" by your FAI id number.

Here are some screen shots from the process:


Update: You will also find a comment to the FAI ID in the Report on 2015 F2 World Cup (pdf) by Jo Halman

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