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Published: 10/2 2009
Last update: 10/10 2009 (new link)
From the Yahoo Group: Combat-l - July 19, 2008 - Message #16161

Re: F2D Technical Rule Clarifications Part 2 Safety wire

Safety wire:

Warning: Before reading this message take a deep breath, stay cool and don't panic!

One of the statements in the "Clarification document" is very cryptic and probably only very few pilots know what the deeper meaning is of the sentence:

" the connection must not rely on wooden parts to stay together"

It concerns the way the safety wire is attached to the bellcrank bolt inside the model. In most models the safety wire is only restricted from being separate from the bolt by the wooden parts of the center section. If the center section breaks up in a midair crash the safety wire might separate from the bellcrank and the lines.

For more information on the issue please visit this web page:

I was told by Ingemar Larson that this rule will not be used in France.
So there should not be any reason for panic among the pilots now right before the World Champs.

Personally I find that the intention behind this rule is right but pilots should be given a much longer warning before this design change should be made mandatory. It should not be enforced at the world champs because it would have as a result that probably 90 % of all models must be rebuilt to apply to this new interpretation of the safety wire rule.

Even thoug it is not going to be used in France this cryptic "wood" sentence in the "Clarification document" raises some questions and problems:

1) Why was it written in such a cryptic way that almost nobody have understood what the meaning was. If a "F2D Rule Clarification" document should have any meaning it must be written in an open and clear language so that all pilots have a chance to understand the meaning of the rule and the interpretation of it.

2) If the rule is not meant to be used in France why is it then in this document?

3) How do the French organizers know that this particular interpretation of the rules shall not be used at the World Champs?
In the top of the document it is stated that these rules interpretations shall be used in France. Are there a special "organizers version" of this document that states which rule interpretations are for real and which have just been put in to fill out the paper?

4) As long as this sentence is in the official "F2D Rule Clarification" paper it must be possible to make protests over pilots using models that do not have this design. Such a protest will probably be turned down. Pilots that don't want to run this risk will have to modify their models. A rumor that the rule will not be used is no help if you have to stand up to a protest or if your models are not accepted at the processing.

Henning Forbech

New link: https://www.f2d.dk/rules/safetywire.htm (10/10 2009)