Last update: 11/6 2017


3-4/6 2017

Electro Combat

Update: Pilots in F2D and eCombat
Results for F2D Combat

New field:
  The Danish World Cup 2017 will take place at a new flying field this year!
The 2016 Nordic Championship was held at this field with great success. The new field is located close to Herning airport Herning is located in the middle of Jutland and if you arrive from the south the travel will be 100 km or 1 hour shorter than going all the way up to Aalborg. You can go by highway almost all the way to the club and it is very easy to find

Here is some photos from the event

Invitation for the Danish World Cup 2017 in Danish or English
Dreiländer Pokal 2017:
  The Danish World Cup will be part of the Dreiländer Pokal 2017
Danish World Cup in F2A Speed and F2D Combat:
  Herning Controlline Club invite you to World Cup competition in Herning 3-4/6 2017.
Electro Combat:
  Again this year we will arrange a competitions with electro combat models.
More information on eCombat
The rules for eCombat is on an experimental basic.
At the eCombat competition in Aalborg we will use this set of eCombat Rules
In the first rounds eCombat will be flown with "Model B": 2 x 2 minut combat with a one minute break for changing battery.
Computer program:
  The combat competitions will be organized by the computer program developed by Alex Prokofiev
  Controlline Model Club in
Herning, Denmark

FAI License:
  A valid FAI-license is necessary for participating the competition
  A valid insurance is also necessary for participating the competition
  Pilots from some countries outside EU will need a visa to enter Denmark.
Please contact for more information.
Entry Fee:
  Senior pilots: 50 €
Junior pilots 25 €
Supporters: Free of charge
Payment Options:
  1) Cash at the competition in Bitterfeld.
2) Cash at the competition in Denmark
  Registration no later than: May 21st 2017

Please, fill in this e-mail with Name and License Number and send it to:

  Max 35 pilots in Combat (F2D + eCombat)
See the list of entries:
Pilots for the Danish World Cup
Competititon Director:
  Dan Hune, Denmark
F2D Circle Marshal:
  Ingemar Larsson, Sweden
F2D Judges:
  Henrik Nielsen, Denmark
Benny Furbo, Denmark
FAI Jury F2D:
  Jesper Buth Rasmussen, Denmark
NN, Denmark
NN, Sweden
Additional Rules:
  Due too noise restrictions flying is only allowed between 8:00 and 19:00
  It will not be possible to buy fuel for F2D at the competition in Herning.
  The length of the paper will be 3.5 meter.
(The maximum length according to the rules)
Same material as used for the streamers at WC-2014 in Poland

More information on streamers

Loser Fly-Off and eCombat will be flown with the experimental streamer
More Combat - more fun!
All combat pilots will be allowed to fly at least 3 matches.
Pilots who will have to leave the ordinary competition after two rounds will be invited to participate in a " Loser Fly-Off".

More info on: Loser Fly-Off
  All protests must be issued in writing to the Contest Director and must be accompanied by a deposit of 35 €.
This fee is only returned if the protest is upheld.
  You are welcome to practise on the flying field Thursday and Friday.
During the competition it will be possible to practise on a flying field close to the competition field (walking distance)
Time schedule:
  June 2nd (Friday)
  Arrival and practice
  21:00 Check-in closing
  21:30 Draw for first round
  June 3th (Saturday)
    9:50 Pilot information
  10:00 Competition
  19:30 Banquet
  June 4th (Sunday)
    8:00 Competition
15:00 Final and prize giving
  Camping at the club is free of charge.
Toilet, power and (maybe) WiFi in the Club.
Weather Forcast:
  Weather online: Right now

Average weather for May:
    Daytime temperature: 16 °C
    Night temperature: 11 °C
    Rain: 9 days/month
    Sunrise: 5:06
    Sunset: 21:25
    Moon phase: Half Moon

Online news:
  It will be possible to follow the competition on this homepage.
We will even try to stream live video from the competition.
Dreiländer History:
  Danish World Cup 2016
Danish World Cup 2015
Danish World Cup 2014
Danish World Cup 2013

Danish World Cup in the future:
  The competition next years will be:
19-20/5 2018

Model Flying in Denmark:
Modelflyvning Danmark Translate
Control Line
English Corner at the Forum

  Henning Forbech
Bülowsgade 36
8000 Århus C
+45 40 38 21 17
Skype: henningforbech

Trophies for F2D 2017

Prize giving 2014

Combat competition will be runed from a computer program

Herning, Denmark

Driving to the modelclub in Herning

Highway from south: take exit 15 "Herning N"

After the ramp, enter the roundabout, take the 2. exit, onto "Sundsvej"

Follow the road until the sign "Herning Flyveplads", then turn right, after 1000m the combatfield will be on the right hand side.

Arriving from the north, turn left at the sign "Herning Flyveplads", after 1000m the combat will be on the right hand side.

F2D Combat   (max 35 pilots)
No:   Pilot: Contry: Licens: FAI ID:
1  Nariman Sultanov AZE AZ022
2   Boriss Jalunins LAT 090YL 69891
3   André Bertelsen DEN 4266 17272
2   Henning Forbech DEN 1547 17187
5   Leo Voss NED 41577 -
6   Bjarne Schou DEN 1428 66629
7   Lennart Nord SWE 56192 24753
8   Johan Larsson SWE SWE 45029 144256
9   Karlo van der Vlist NED 708862
10   Jacco de Ridder NED 719836
11   Oleh Ishchenko UKR Ukr341 91847
12   Ole Bjerager DEN 4257 69083
13   Andriy Umrykhin UKR Ukr474
14   Stanislav Chornyy UKR Ukr151 84048
15   Ivan Chornyy (jun) UKR Ukr848
16   Sofiya Chorna (jun) UKR
17   Vitaly Kochunts LAT 69896
18   Xavi Riera FRA 60226
19   Per Vassbotn NOR 69545 75769
20   Dmitri Varfolomejev EST 0092
21   Igor Manzula EST 0152
  F2A Speed
No:   Pilot: Contry: Licens: FAI ID:

No:   Pilot: Contry: Licens: FAI ID:
1   Ole Bjerager DEN 4257 69083
2   Jesper Buth Rasmussen DEN

Results from the competition:

Official results with World Cup points

Live results

Results from other classes at the event

Final match between Stas Chornyy, UKR and Mark Rudner, USA

Looser Fly-Off:

eCombat - Electro Combat: