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Experimental streamer for F2D
Design version 2.0
First published: 27/12 2012 - Last update: 22/5 2013 - By Henning Forbech

Basic info: Experimental Streamer, Version 1.0


This is the second version of an experimental streamer for F2D Combat.
You will find a basic description of this streamer and the idea behind on the webpage for Experimental Streamer, Version 1.0
This page describe the changes from Version 1.0 to Version 2.0

Longer string:

The length of the string has now been changed from 0.5 m to 1.0 meter.

The short string gave some odd problems for the mechanics.
The streamer seems to be sucked into the slipstream from the propeller and was flying around the mechanic and the model. It was difficult to keep the streamer free of pit boxes, arm and legs. We experience this problem at the first test in the Penguin Club and the American test pilots had the same problems at the competition in Massachusetts.

Mark Rudner's report from the competition here: F2D News - November 2012

New material for the string:

To make the string a little stronger a new material is used for this batch of streamers.
The sting is "Füssen Seaming (4 cord)" from a local leather shop

Matching colors:

The color of the shrink tube will now match the color of the streamer (The price of the shrink tube is independent of the color)


Ready for testing

This streamer will be tested at a competition in Russia in a couple of weeks.
Update 15/5: Sending the parcel with the streamers from Denmark to Sankt Petersburg took more than two months!!
The streamers will be tested at a competition in Russia in the near future

Streamers ready for testing

Pictures from the production of the second batch of experimental streamers.

Paper rolls

Priming the steel rings with contact glue

Test flight:

To see the difference between the experimental streamer and a standard streamer a flight was made with two streamers.
The red streamer is the experimental streamer. You will see the short string and the extra paper at the knot.
The black streamer is a classic F2D streamer (2013 rules).

Test in competitions:

At the Danish World Cup 2013 the experimental streamers was used in the Loser Fly-Off
Results and videos from the competition

Mark Rudner, USA (3 cuts) - Henning Forbech, DEN (2 cuts)

Per Vassbotn, NOR (1 cut) - Alex Rennick, USA (2 cuts)

Metal ring:

One streamer was hit by a model and pulled apart right after the model.

The metal ring on the streamer did get deformed from the hard pull on the streamer string. Maybe we must upgrade the wire for the ring from 1,2 mm to 1.5 mm

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