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Live streaming video
from combat competitions
Last update: 23/12 2009

How to stream live video from a combat competition


WebTV service:

We use the free service from ZapLive in Germany.

Here you will find some old brodcasts: CombatF2D and F2Ddk


All it takes is an internet connection, a (old) computer, video camera (or webcam).
Here are some photos from the setup in Aalborg and Karlskoga 2009.

The setup in Karlskoga, Sweden.
Online video from the club in Karlskoga

Next step:
The next challanges will be to stream more canals from s competition.
Center circle, mechanics, pit laine and the score board is just some of the possibilitys.

A video broad cast can be made with just a web camera on a laptop.
The video will not win you an Oscar (unless you clame that it was made under the self-imposed rules of the Dogme 95 manifesto)
Here is a recording of a webcam video from EC-2009. The quality i terryble but you might find some interesting sequences in the 3 houer video.