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23-24/5 2015

Electro Combat

Results from Aalborg
FAI ID-number

Dreiländer Pokal 2015:
  Official invitation for
Dreiländer Pokal 2015

Bitterfeld:       2-3/5 2015
Karlskoga (pdf):     16-17/5 2015
Aalborg:         23-24/5 2015

Danish World Cup in Speed and Combat:
  Aviator Model Flyers invite you to World Cup competition in Aalborg 23-24/5 2015.
Visit the Aviator homepage
Official invitation (pdf)
Electro Combat:
  Again this year we will arrange a competitions with electro combat models.
More information on eCombat
The rules for eCombat is on an experimental basic.
At the eCombat competition in Aalborg we will use this set of eCombat Rules
In the first rounds eCombat will be flown with "Model B": 2 x 2 minut combat with a one minute break for changing battery.
Computer program:
  The combat competitions will be organized by the computer program developed by Alex Prokofiev
Limfjords Competition:
  In the classic Limfjords Competition a lot of control line classes are flown in a relaxed atmosphere.
  Model Club "Aviator"
9000 Aalborg, Denmark

GPS: 57°3'50.90 N 10°1'54.39 E
or 57.064217, 10.031805
The flying field on Google Earth

FAI License:
  A valid FAI-license is necessary for participating the competition
  A valid insurance is also necessary for participating the competition
  Pilots from some countries outside EU will need a visa to enter Denmark.
Please contact for more information.
Entry Fee:
  Senior pilots: 50 €
Junior pilots 25 €
Supporters: Free of charge
Payment Options:
  1) Cash at the competition in Bitterfeld.
2) Cash at the competition in Denmark
  Registration no later than: May 3rd 2015
(Bitterfeld World Cup)

Please, fill in this e-mail with Name and License Number and send it to:

  Max 35 pilots in Combat (F2D + eCombat)
The competition will be at the small flying field close to the club house. The circle is surrounded by trees.The number of participants is limited to 35 pilots.
See the list of entries:
Pilots for the Danish World Cup
Competititon Director:
  Carl Johan Fanøe, Denmark
F2A Judge:
  NN, Denmark
FAI Jury F2A:
  Ingemar Larsson, Sweden
NN, Denmark
Henning Forbech, Denmark
F2D Circle Marshal:
  Ingemar Larsson, Sweden
F2D Judges:
  Henrik Nielsen, Denmark
Steen Lysgaard, Denmark
FAI Jury F2D:
  Jesper Buth Rasmussen, Denmark
NN, Denmark
NN, Sweden
Additional Rules:
  Due too noise restrictions flying is only allowed between 8:00 and 18:00
  It will not be possible to buy fuel for F2A or F2D at the competition in Aalborg.
  The length of the paper will be 3.5 meter.
(The maximum length according to the rules)
Same material as used for the streamers at WC-2014 in Poland

More information on streamers

Loser Fly-Off and eCombat will be flown with the experimental streamer
More Combat - more fun!
All combat pilots will be allowed to fly at least 3 matches.
Pilots who will have to leave the ordinary competition after two rounds will be invited to participate in a " Loser Fly-Off".

More info on: Loser Fly-Off
  All protests must be issued in writing to the Contest Director and must be accompanied by a deposit of 35 €.
This fee is only returned if the protest is upheld.
  You are welcome to practise on the flying field Thursday and Friday.
During the competition it will be possible to practise on a flying field close to the competition field (walking distance)
Time schedule:
  May 22th (Friday)
  Arrival and practice
  21:00 Check-in closing
  21:30 Draw for first round
  May 23th (Saturday)
    9:50 Pilot information
  10:00 Competition
  19:30 Banquet
  May 24th (Sunday)
    8:00 Competition
15:00 Final and prize giving
  Saturday night the club will host a banquet in the club house.
More info and registration here
  See the maps and driving instructions on this page.

The ferry from Göteborg to Frederikshavn is operated by Stena Line
Typical 80 € for one way with a car

Aeroplane to Aalborg airport:
Bus connection to city centre
  Aalborg Airport (AAL)
Aalborg Lufthavn
Ny Lufthavnsvej 100
DK-9400 Nørresundby

Copenhagen Airport (CPH)
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
2770 Kastrup
  Camping at the club is free of charge.
Toilet, power and (maybe) WiFi in the Club.
  Hotels in Aalborg
  Aalborg City
Aalborg Zoo
  It will be possible to buy a selection of beers, soft drinks, coffee, food, snacks, etc. at the flying field.
Weather Forcast:
  Weather online: Right now

Average weather for May:
    Daytime temperature: 16 °C
    Night temperature: 11 °C
    Rain: 9 days/month
    Sunrise: 4:47
    Sunset: 21:46
    Moon phase: Half Moon
    more info
Online news:
  It will be possible to follow the competition on this homepage.
We will even try to stream live video from the competition.
Dreiländer History:
  Danish World Cup 2014
Danish World Cup 2013

Danish World Cup in the future:
  The competition next years will be:
14-15/5 2016
WC-2016 in Perth: 23/5-2/6
3-4/6 2017
19-20/5 2018

Model Flying in Denmark:
Modelflyvning Danmark Translate
Control Line Translate
Forum Translate
English Corner at the Forum

  Henning Forbech
Bülowsgade 36
8000 Århus C
+45 40 38 21 17
Skype: henningforbech

Smart Phone:
  Link to this page:


Our neighbour: A gigant power mast

In the club house

In the club house

Pilots at the practice field

Trophies for F2D and eCombat 2014

Prize giving 2014

Flying Field in Aalborg, Denmark
Flying Field and Club House from the air

Combat will be at the field close to the clubhouse

Safety net at the combat field

Combat competition will be runed from a computer program

Aalborg, Denmark

Driving to the "Aviator" club at "Hesteskoen" in Aalborg

Highway from north: Right after the tunnel take exit 23 "Aalborg N"

A few hundred meters later take the exit direction "Rørdal"

Highway from south: Take exit 24 "Ø. Uttrup Vej" and direction "Rørdal"

Follow "Rørdalsvej" through the industrial area

Turn left at the sign "Hesteskoen" and follow the small road down to the club house

The F2D podium 2012

Prize giving 2010

F2D Combat   (max 35 pilots)

No:   Pilot: Contry: Licens: FAI ID:
1   Stanislav Chornyy UKR Ukr151 na
2   Henning Forbech DEN 1547 17187
3   Andrii Lutsyk UKR UKR-642 na
4   André Bertelsen DEN 4266 17272
5   Morten Friis Nielsen DEN 5051 na
6   Bjarne Schou DEN 1428 66629
7   Vitaly Kochunts LAT 294YL 69896
8   Eriks Kochunts (jun) LAT 295YL na
9   Boriss Jalunins LAT 090YL 69891
10   Lyubomyr Lylyk UKR UKR-636 na
11   Andrii Stebnytsky UKR UKR-456 na
12   Andreas Wallner GER 860 19285
13   Mark Rudner USA 316880 na
14   Chuck Rudner USA 18746 72153
15   Johan Larsson SWE 45029 78490
16   Oleh Ishchenko UKR Ukr341 na
17   Andriy Umrykhin UKR Ukr474 na
18   Ole Bjerager DEN 4257 na
19   Tobias Sonne (jun) DEN ? na
20   Lennart Nord SWE 56192 24753
21   Rudi Königshofer AUT 410061 0006 46361
22   Johann Schwarz GER 1841 19507
23   Per Vassbotn NOR 69545 75769
24   Audrius Rastenis LIT 573 27189
25   Rimvydas Gegzna LIT 798 67826
26   Vaclovas Cyzas LIT 700 27188
  F2A Speed
No:   Pilot: Contry: Licens: FAI ID:

No:   Pilot: Contry: Licens: FAI ID:
1   Ole Bjerager DEN 4257 na
2   Lothar Hentschel GER 1597 na
3   Chuck Rudner USA 18746 72153
More info on the ID-number


Results from Aalborg 2015:
Third competition in Dreiländer Pokal 2015

Results from all classes in Aalborg (pdf)

Official results from the Danish World Cup 2015
F2A - F2D - Jury Report

We used the new Combat Timer for the competition
Peek preview here: Combat Timer

More photos and videos on the swedish Modell Flyg Nytt

The new Timer made it easy for all to follow the time during the competition

Video from the final:

Results from Karlskoga 2015:
Second competition in Dreiländer Pokal 2015

Results from Bitterfeld 2015:
First competition in Dreiländer Pokal 2015