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F2D Noise Reduction
Background and target for the noise reduction
Last update: 21/7 2011

The noise from F2D Combat must be reduced in the future:

At the seminar on noise reduction at the World Champs in Hungary the F2 subcommittee chairman Bengt-Oluf Samuelsson made it clear that F2D and all other control line classes must confirm to the general noise level set by CIAM and FAI.

Today the noise level in F2D Combat is far from this general level (96 dB(A) @ 3 meter) and in the near future the combat community must do something to reduce noise. If we do nothing somebody else will make restrictions on F2D.

At the 2010 World Championships in Hungary Rob Metkemeijer made a series of noise measurements and found that F2D models produces 101.5 dB(A) @ 3 meter. We must find a way to reduce the noise by 5.5 dB to be within the limit.
You will find Rob's measurements and a lot of other interesting information in his interim report on noise in F2C

2013 Rules:

Proposals for 2013 rules must be put forward to CIAM before 15 November 2011. Proposals will be debated and voted on at the April Bureau Meeting and Plenary Meeting. 19-21 April 2012, Lausanne, Switzerland.

The target of the new noise restrictions:

The target of the rules for noise reduction is only to reduce the noise. We must try to keep the current high flying speeds and dynamic fights.

To keep as many pilots flying as possible it is important that the existing engines, propellers and models can be used under the new rules. With some small changes or adjustments it should be possible to use engines for a couple of years.

If the noise rules will cause everybody to buy new engines there is a high chance of a drastic drop in the number of active pilots. Some pilots may even try to organize competitions outside CIAM/FAI
2011 Seminar on
Noise Reduction

There will probably be a seminar
on noise at the European
Championships in Czestochowa.
More information later.

Seminar on
Noise Reduction

Hungary, 2010
Video from the meeting

2009 Belgrade
Combat Seminar:

Noise reduction by shut-off
by Henning Forbech

Proposal for 2011 rules:
by Ingemar Larsson

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