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F2D Noise Reduction
By Henning Forbech
First published: 29/9 2010
Last update: 5/9 2011


  1:   F2D Noise Reduction (this index page)
  2:   Background and target for the noise reduction  
  3:   2011 Noise rules for F2D Combat
  4:   2013 rules already from next year!
  5:   How to measure F2D silencer effectiveness
  6:   Acoustic noise generator for testing F2D silencers
  7:   Sound level meter for F2D noise measurement  
  8:   F2D silencers design and development
  9:   How to calculate noise
10:   What to except from high effective silencers    
11:   Russian proposal for noise reduction
12:   Response to the Russian proposal
13:   Frequencies analysis for F2D noise  
14:   Sweep test  
15:   Silencers for F2D  
16:   2013 Noise Rules   New!
Extra: F2C Noise by Rob Metkemeijer

Debate on noise reduction: