European Championship 2009
Belgrade, Serbia

Last update: 8/8 2009

Shut-off info from EC-2009 Update 8/8



Andrey Belyaev, RUS - Artem Markov, RUS

2. and 3. Place:
Andrius Rastenis, LTU - Artem Markov, RUS

Round 9:
Andrius Rastenis, LTU - Andrey Belyaev, RUS

Round 8:
Andrey Belyaev, RUS - Andrius Rastenis, LTU

Peteris Brokans, LAT - Artem Markov, RUS

Round 7:
Andrius Rastenis, LTU - Artem Markov, RUS

Igor Trifonov, RUS - Peteris Brokans, LAT

Round 6:
Andrius Rastenis, LTU - Igor Dementjev, MDA

Peteris Brokans, LAT - Johan Larsson, SWE

Artem Markov, RUS - Håkan Östman

Andrey Belyaev, RUS - Robert Platkauskas, LTU

Junior-to-junior contact:
Alesya Stepovvaya (RUS) says hello to Monika Frandsen (DEN)

Recording off the streaming video form the Belgrade.

Bandwith and camera quality was very poor but hopefuly you will see some of the action.

The link to the streaming video is: - Search for "F2D, combat"

You will find the final at the middel af the recording and the prizegiving at the end.


Seminar on F2D rules:

There was a seminar on rules, rule changes, noise restrictions and other matters in Belgrade.
You will find all the rules for F2D-Combat, FAI Sporting Code and clarifications from earlier years in the Combat rules section
To start the debate, here is some of my ideas: "Noise reduction by shut-off" and "Wild ideas for new F2D rules"

Flying field:
The flying field in Beograd can be found here by Google Earth.
This map is only a overview.
By GPS the koordinates is: N 44.935264 E 20.444278 or N 44°56"6.95' E 20°26"39.40'

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