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Tools for F2D Combat engines
3D-printed tools for FORA engines
First published: 1/4 2015 - Last update: 9/4 2016 - By Henning Forbech


All these tools are 3D printed by Shapeways
You can order these and other parts directly from Shapeways.
Search Shapeways with F2D

It is also easy to design and print your own tools. More info here


Cylinder Pull Tool:

Tool for taking the cylinder sleeve out of the crankcase.

How do you get the cylinder sleeve out of your engine when you have to take it apart?
You know the situation and for years we have missed a simple tool to solve this common problem.
Now you can 3D-print this new tool and enjoy taking your engines apart!

The tool is designed for the 2.5 cm3 FORA combat engine but will probably fit most 2.5 cm3 model engines.

The tool is printed in Polyamide. This plastic is also known as PA or "Nylon".
The material used for 3D printing is free of glass filling and will not harm the inner surface of the cylinder. More information on the material: PA 2200

Last year I made a hard core test on my best engine and found no damage from the plastic.

Cylinder Pull Tool and a FORA cylinder sleeve

When the tool is inserted into the cylinder the small hook flex back

The hook find the exhaust port and klick in. A mark on the tool make it easier to find the position of the exhaust port

The top button on the tool is pressed down to lock the hook in the exhaust port

To remove a cylinder from a crankcase the tool is inserted with the hook first

Push the tool down. Use the marking on the tool keep the tool in the right position

When the hook find the exhaust port the top button can be pushed down to lock the hook

The cylinder sleeve can now be pulled out from the crankcase

The cylinder is free!

The cylinder is released from the tool by pulling up the top button and pushing in the hook

The tool can be turned to prevent the hook from locking into the exhaust port again

The tool can now be pulled out of the cylinder

The Cylinder Pull Tool come in a standard version for old FORA engines and a long version for the new long sleeve FORA-2016.
More information on the Super Fora with the long sleeve Super Fora with the long sleeve (

You can have the Cylinder Pull Tool made in your favorite color. See all the variations at Shapeways

Get the tool:

When you get the tool from Shapeways you will have to remove some plastic powder from the tool to make it work. Use a small piano wire hook to dig out the powder and try to get the top button moving. I will add some extra holes to the 3D model at Shapeways to make this process easier.
The tools have now been updated with more holes to let out the plastic powder.
You can try to turn the top button a little back and forth to release the entrapped powder.
Flushing with water will also help getting the plastic powder out of the tool.
  You can get these tools from Shapeways:
Cylinder Pull Tool for old engines and
Cylinder Pull Tool Long for new engines

Piston Tool:

Tool for cleaning piston

When you remove carbon from a piston it is a problem to get a good grip on the piston during the process.
To solve this problem a simple tool was designed to hold the piston in a fixed position. The tool holds on to the connection rod and keeps the piston in position from the inside.
When you hold on to the tool you actually pull the conrod slightly back. The tool is designed to fit both the piston and the conrod an may not fit on all variations of pistons and conrods.

The tool fit into the piston. When you press on sides of the tool the piston is fixated in position

It is possible to test the piston in cylinder with the tool

Fit the piston in the tool. Pres the side grip to fixate the piston

Clean the piston without spoiling your fingers

Two variants: 2009 for old engines with "round" conrod and "2012" for new engines with "square" conrod

You can get these tools from Shapeways: 2009 for old engines and 2012 for new engines

Back Plate Tool:

Tool for removing plastic back plates

A 3D-printed back plate with an O-ring sealing can be difficult to pull out of the crankcase.
But now the help is near. Here is the new tool to remove the back plate.

This tool is also 3D-printed and is designed to fit into the plastic back plate
When you press the tool on the sides it will be round and fit into the opening in the back plate. When you press the top and bottom the tool will hook into the back plate and it is easy to pull out the back plate.

You can get this tool from Shapeways here

More information on plastic back plates for FORA engines here



Spare plastic screws at the top of the tool

Back plate tool and a 10 pack of black back plates. More information on plastic back plates


Tool for changing the front ball bearing:

Tool for replacing the front ball bearing

A very simple tool for replacing the front bearing on FORA engines.

I used to use a wooden stick for taking out the front ball bearing but now we have 3D-printing

This tool is nice to have - not need to have!

Get it from Shapeways here


A simple plastic stick that fit the inner ring of the ball bearing and slide gently through the crankcase

This tool makes it easy to push the ball bearing out of the crankcase

The tool also help to support the ball bearing when you insert a new bearing in a crankcase


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