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Electronic shut-off system
For control line models of F-2-D class.
First published: 15/4 2013 - Last update: 15/4 2013

By Nikolai Necheukhin:

The electronic shut-off system is executed on technology on 2,4 GHz, includes directly the shut-off system (are inserted into models, fasten by 2 self-tapping screws) and the remote control.
The shut-off system carries out two functions: stops the engine automatically when the lines are torn up and at will of the pilot. The shut-off system stops the engine by pressing a fuel hose pipe.

The shut-off system in two models both taken out on start work separately, but cope from one remote control which is being at the pilot. Function of a choice of model is carried out by the switch on the panel of the shut-off system. On the panel of joint-stock company (shut-off) also are the mechanism pinches a hose, a socket recharge both the control of the accumulator and the toggle-switch of inclusion.

Mechanics on start work in a regular mode, irrespective of the shut-off system. Management of the shut-off system on models is carried out only by the pilot.
Nikolai Necheukhin:

The standard complete set includes the remote control and 4 shut-off systems completed with accumulators and self-tapping screws. It is in addition possible to get spare shut-off systems, the sound controller of a charge of accumulators, the charger device. Fully charged accumulators work for 10 - 12 fights guaranteed, depending on duration of fight and temperature of air. After rise of model and activation of the shut-off system the pilot puts the remote control in a pocket or in a belt bag.

Overall dimensions and weight:
The remote control - 114 x 54 x 40, 150 grams;
The shut-off system - 30 grams.

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