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Shut-off with encoded stop function
Rebuild your swing-arm shut-off for encoded stop
First published: 12/9 2013 - Last update: 14/9 2013
Shut-off with encoded stop function

by Henning Forbech

To prevent unwanted activating of the stop function during a combat match a swing-arm shut-off can be rebuild with lock that only allow the pilot to stop the engine.

By encoding the stop sequence it is possible to block opponents from activating the stop function in a line tangle.

Here is a description of a very simple way to rebuild a classic Rastenis swing-arm shut-off with a small lever.

This video show the encoded stop on a flying model

Rastenis Swing-arm shut-off rebuild with a small lever on the spring for the pilot activated stop

Normal flight:

Normal position for starting the engine

Take-off. The encasing g-forces make the swing-arm start to swing to the full open position and the small lever is swinging out

Normal flight. The swing-arm is hanging on the build in end stop. The small lever is trapped in a vertical position and the stop spring can't be activated

Combat flight. If the line tension gets low in tight manoeuvres the swing-arm start to close. High g-forces might flip the small lever into a new position

When the line tension come back the swing-arm will go back to the full open position again. The small lever might be in a new position but the stop spring can still not be activated

Pilot activated stop:

Normal flight. Shut-off is full open but the small lever is vertical. Stop function cannot be activated

A short slacking of the line tension in level flight. The swing-arm starts to close and let the small lever free to swing into a horizontal position

Line tension is back but now the small lever is fixed in the horizontal position

A hard pull on the lines will release the stop spring from the hook

The stop spring is free and forces the swing-arm to the closed position

The swing-arm is in the closed position and the engine stops

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