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Multi blade propellers for F2D
3 and 4 blade propellers for combat
First published: 1/4 2014 - Last update: 1/4 2014 - By Henning Forbech

New propellers for Combat:                            

How many blades should a combat propeller have. 1, 2, 3, 4 or even more?

Some interesting information can be found in this paper on propeller performance:
Propeller Performance Data at Low Reynolds Numbers (4.2 Mb pdf)

A simple way to see if multi blade propeller will performe better than traditional two blade propellers it to make a test flight.

By replacing the prop nut by an extended nut it is possible to mount two propellers on an engine.
To compensate for the extra weight of the second propeller the aluminum backplate can be replaced by a light weight plastic back plate .

3 blade combat propeller

A special nut will let you mount two propellers on the engine

Fora with a double propeller. Four blades ready to make cuts on the streamer (and your finger)

A video from the test of the 4 and 3 blade propellers:

The best propellers for combat may have more than two blades.
Are you ready for a multi blade future!

First published: April Fools' Day 2014 by Henning Forbech

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