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Holder for F2D Glow Plugs
Rapid Prototyping in Combat
First published: 27/3 2013 - Last update: 22/4 2014 - By Henning Forbech

Smart Holder for Glow plugs and Spare parts:

Sometimes you mechanics will have to change the glow plug. Speeding up this operation will (statistical speaking) improves your chance of winning. Here is an indication on how important quick mechanics are in F2D combat.

Some more odd situations occur when a mechanic is fumbling and drop the prop nut or even the prop driver. When your mechanic is on his knees, searching in the grass for the prop nut you know you are in for a big delay.

To save important seconds in these situations you must make it fast and easy to get a spare glow plug, a spare nut, prop driver or even a cone for the prop drive.

Here is a compact holder that will make it faster to get the spare part you need in a split second. Two plugs and a prop nut are screwed into a rotating part of this new holder. To get a plug or nut you just have to grab the part and rotate the plate to unscrew the plug or nut.

In the space between the two glow plugs is a position for the burnt plugs. A neodymium magnet in the rotating part will catch the old plug if you want to save it without wasting time.

The holder does also have a position for a prop driver with a cone. You will need a hex key to get it free but it is the same size as used for the engine screws.

The base part of the holder has four holes for mounting on your mechanic belt. If you are still using a pit box (vintage combat style) the holder may also be screwed on to the box.

The holder is made from two plastic parts and an old ball bearing (Fora main bearing).
The plastic parts are made on a rapid prototyping machine from a CAD file. You can bay the parts directly from Shapeways.

Download the STL-files here: PlugHolderBase and PlugHolderRotor
Parts from Shapeways

Rotating part

Base part

F2D Statistics

The glow plug holder is mounted with a ball bearing and is free to spin. The ball bearing can be a worn out back bearing from a FORA engine.

Download eDrawing:

The two plastic parts for the glow plug holder. The part is made by Shapeways and can be purchased online.

Close-up of the backside of the rotating part.

A close-up of the small hooks that click on to the ball bearing. The surface finish is typical for parts made by Selective Laser Sintring, SLS.

The plastic parts were made by Shapeways on a SLS Rapid Prototyping machine. The material is nylon ("Strong & Flexible").

Buy the parts here

The inspiration for the rotating plug holder came from this plug holder

Plug Holder made on the Ultimaker:

André Bertelsen have made the first copy of the Glow Plug Holder on a Ultimaker 3D-printer at the local FABLAB in Copenhagen.


Fused Doposition Modeling
(NC controlled glue gun)

The material is PLA.
Layer thickness: 0.1 mm

A Glow Plug Holder made in "Hot Pink Strong & Flexible Polished" by Shapeways

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