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Tool for adjusting F2D handels
First published: 5/11 2017 - Last update: 1/4 2018 - By Henning Forbech


How do you adjust your handles?

Test flying your models or having a helper holding up your model and trying to see the elevator while you hold the handle in your flying neutral position.
Handle adjustment is easier if you are able to measure what you are doing.
This instrument has been designed to give exact adjustment of your handles

When you have found the model trim that suits your flying style it will be easy to set up handles on all your models with exactly this trim

Protractor angle gauge

The "Handel-o-Meter" is basically a pointing stick mounted on your handle with an angle scale

The model is placed in a model stand and the Klap-o-Meter is mounted on the elevator

The pilot use the two sticks on the Klap-o-Meter to find the neutral position for the elevator

By pointing the carbon stick on the Handle-o-Meter towards the model when the elevator is in the neutral position the inclination of the handle can be found with the scale on the Handel-o-Meter

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