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Fuel canister with model rack
Combined fuel canister and model rack for two F2D models
First published: 24/3 2013 - Last update: 25/3 2014

This combined fuel canister and model rack will hold 2.5 liter of fuel, 2 models, 4 syringes, propellers, spare bladder, etc.

This rack will not fall over in the wind due to the stabilizing weight of the fuel.

For easy transportation the model rack can be removed and placed on the side of the canister.

The rack has room for four 60 ml syringes and spare propellers. Before a bout you can fill up the rack with all the stuff you want to bring to the flying field.
Version 1.0

Transportation configuration

Rack plates removed

The rack plates click into key holes in the canister box

Rack configuration

One model in the rack

Two models in the rack

Ready for the next match

The handle of the canister is also used as handle for the rack

The model rack was designed in 3D on a CAD program

First design update:
Version 1.1

After using the rack during the 2013 season a few problems raised: When the pilot pulls the lines the models tend to move side wards in the rack and got stocked up against the end plate. This typical happens when the pilot and mechanic took the models to the flying field. To prevent the models from moving in the rack a horizontal plate with a hole for the prop nut was added to the design.

The fuel can was updated with more nipples. Now there are two tubes for taking out fuel. Each with filter and check valve (to prevent stupid mechanics from returning dirty fuel into the filter), one tube for returning fuel from a syringe and two nipples for taking fuel out of the bladders.

The parts for the first version of the rack (1.0) was cut out with a hack saw. The parts for next versions were laser cut at a local work shop. Cutting the parts for the first rack was probably last time I will ever use a hack saw! Laser cutting is just that much easier.
Version 1.1

The new plate with a hole for the prop nut.

Prop nut in the hole. The model can not slide sidewards in the rack

The fuel can now have more nippels to make it easyer to take fule out of a bladder after a flight

Laser cut parts for the version 1.1 of the fuel rack
The parts was cut at the local lasercutter workshop "Godsbanen's Open Workshops"

Second design update: A simplyfied version
Version 2.0

The first version of the rack was designed to be taken apart for easier transportation and storing. If space is not a problem the rack can be made simpler by not having removable parts on the rack.

The rack is now more a kind of box with room for the fuel can in the center and models at the sides.
All compartments in the box i made with holes and openings in the bottom to let rain water or fuel pass right through.
Version 2.0

3D model of the box

Laser cut parts for the rack

Testing the fit of the parts before gluing

The parts are glued with epoxy. Later it is painted with PU lack to protect the wood from fuel and water

Steen Lysgaard with the very first version 2.0 of the rack. In the back André Bertelsen realize that he only have version 1.0

Testing with models. This rack does also have holes to keep the models in the right position.

Make your own model rack:

You are free to copy the design. You are even welcome to mass produce and sell the rack. The design is Open source and Freeware.

To make it easy to get started you can download CAD-models and files for laser cuttings here:

Available 3D CAD files: SolidWorks-2012 (zip-file) and IGES

Files for laser cutting is made with CorelDraw (cdr)

The parts for laser cutting was designed for 4 mm plywood. The plywood used was only 3.7 mm and the laser cut parts was made for this thickness. You may have to adjust the size of cut outs if the plywood you plan to use have a different thickness

Next stop your local maker space!

Have fun

/Henning Forbech

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